About Me

The topography of my childhood was the wide-open spaces of eastern Montana.  This helped to form in me an appreciation for listening in the quiet spaces, and the desire to find the bits of landscape that add up to create the beauty that surrounds--and is in--us all.  I love to discover the stories our bodies have to tell--physically, energetically, experientially.  And I am so often awestruck at how all of life works together.

Massage and energy work came naturally to me as a child.  At a friend's urging, I decided to study the science and increase the art of what I naturally do.  I graduated from CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School & Clinic in Dec. 2006 and have been formally practicing since then in spas and in my own spaces.  I earned national certification in therapeutic massage and bodywork in 2007.

I have a degree in theology and engage the detail-oriented side of myself with other office work, but find bodywork to be an essential balancing factor in my life.  Holding space for whatever you most need at the moment brings me great joy.

The journey toward healing the physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions of our lives takes place on many levels and through a variety of approaches.  Mindful of the connection of all parts of a person’s being, I believe each client and I actively work together toward the healing of one person and all people. Let's connect about whether we may be partners on this journey.